Poultry and other birds
Fantail Pigeons -  After several years of raising a variety of pigeons we choose to stay with FanTails,   We choose these based on beauty, calmness trainablity and of course they got the most oh and ahs in our petting zoos and programs!  Their tails are beautiful,   they are calm and ours are very good parents!   They come in a variety of colors.   Usually sold before ever making to the website.. So if you are interested in these.   It would be best to email or call us and reserve them ahead of time.. Hatching is normally spring and summer.  see prices below

Silky Chickens - My absolute favorite!  Again we have raised and still do raise a variety of unique small bantam chicks but most of what we now raise are the silkies as again we found them to be super popular, calm, cute as a button and hard to find.   Most of what we raise are whites but we do have other colors available from time to time.. We do not typically post these on the for sale page.  We usually have a few available spring- fall.  see prices below
If you would like to reserve yours ahead of time call or email.
Silky doves and ring neck doves:   Great pet birds.. We have trained our ringnecks to fly and our silky doves are soft and beautiful and great calm non biting bird that would be geat for first time pet bird.  They can be easily kept in a normal size bird cage and fed dove food.   We raise them as we have found the children all ages love doves.. they make a beautiful cooing noise,  they are lovely in flight and are a constant reminder of peace and tranquility.  
What is the difference between a ring neck and a silky?
Ringneck is flighted breed of dove that comes in a variety of colors.
Silky's have very fine feather which make them look silky and because their feathers are so fine they do not fly well at all.. They are more ground dwelling and do a more leap, hop then a full fight  see prices below
Miniature Call Ducks - Once again after year of playing with and raising a variety of different ducks I am set on call ducks.  My experience with bigger ducks is simply they are messy and high maintance.   The other small ducks were flighy and aloof.. but alas I discovered the mini call duck- cute cute,  hardy, calm,  good sitters and hatchers and of course a HUGE HIT in the petting zoos!  They come in a varety of colors and instead of quacking they call!  Not real loud but softly.  We keep ours in a 20 by 20 pen with a top and swimming pool.. These are geat pet ducks and would do fine free ranging "if" you do not have a predator problem.  Because they are smaller and calmer they do not do as well on large open bodies of water where they are easy targets.. We usually have a few available spring- fall.  
If you would like to reserve yours ahead of time call or email.
You may email us to see what other breeds of birds and poultry we have for sale.  We also have red/gold pheasants, frizzles etc.. and occasionally I will be downsizing and have a few other breeds for sale
Prices For Poultry

Call ducks: 
Sorry not available at this time
Silky Chickens and  Other Mini Bantam breeds:
 Older Pairs: $75
        Sitting Hens  $50         
  Well Started Chicks (unsexed)   4 for $60  or  $20 each
Subadult chicks:  Hens $25,  Roosters $15
Adult Surplus Roosters when available- $15

Fantail Pigeons;
Juvenile birds  $25-$60 each 
$75-$150 pair (when available)
* price based on color, age, type etc.

Silky Doves:
not available at this time



Silky doves are not available at this time.
Sorry we do not  raise  Call ducks at this time. 

NEW NEW.. we now offer shipping through United States Postal Service 
Shipping costs: (including box fee)
  $50 for 2 adult birds $75  for 3-4 birds  


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