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Retained = Keeping for Breeding.
Reserved = Already has deposit.
Pending = Not available.
Adopt a Pig Program:  

  • We occasionally have rescue pigs / potbelly pigs for adoption.
  • We cannot guarantee size on piglets that are not originally from our farm and breeding line.
  • We offer this program to help piggies in need find a loving, forever home. Black pigs are the most common color, but occasionally there are multicolored pigs that are available for adoption. 
  • Evaluation Period: We gather information about personality, size, confirmation, etc. All pigs are guaranteed healthy before leaving our facility.
  • Adoption Fees: $100-$400. Price is determined after Evaluation Period. If we are able to see parents and have an idea of genetics, that will play a part in price.

Miniature Pigs For Sale
  • Over 20 years of selective breeding for tiny, colorful piglets!
  • Healthy, friendly piglets with great confirmation & superior genetics.
  • Pedigreed and Registered Pigs with superior bloodlines!
  • Breeders size range from 12-20 inches tall.
Prices may vary based on bloodline, size and training!

We require a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold a piggy.

                                Male                        Female
Black:                  $350-$800                   $450-$1000
Pink:                   $500-$1200                  $600-$1400
Black & White:     $400-$900                   $500-$1100 
Pinto:                  $500-$1300                 $600-$1500
Spotted:              $700-$1500                 $800-$1800

Fancy: Rare - priced accordingly. Includes dalmatian, panda, & fancy spots.
Blue Eyed Piglets: $50- $150 in addition to price of pig.

To learn more about Purchase Information, Click Here.

Shipping Cost: $450-$550 in addition to price listed below for piglet. Price varies depending on weight of piglet at time of shipping.


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More Information:
  • Litters are selectively bred and we encourage a deposit to reserve your future piglet. 
  • All piggies come with a Training / Care Manual and Mini Pig food.
  • All males are sold as pets unless you are paying for a breeding boar.
  • Females are not spayed - if you want breeding rights, there is an extra fee for breeder certificate.
  • All piggies are Micro-Chipped & can be registered with MPR. Micro-Chip ID can be registered through
Mom: Charlotte (T)
Dad: Rumpy (T)
DOB: 11/10/15
Female #1 
No Adoptable Pigs Available at This Time. 
(T) - Come from our Tiny lines. under 16 inches.
(B) - Has blue eyes.
(A)- Breeder is 16 months to 5 years old.
(M)- Breeder is 5 years or older
Sold or Retained Pigs
None currently available