LDF Alda 
DOB: July 31, 2004
Dam: DMF Sugar Baby
Sire: DLP Super Hero
LDF Chloe's Clover 
DOB: September 1, 2005
Dam: LDF Capuccino
Sire: DLP Super Hero
Paradise Valley Blue Bell
DOB: March 28, 2007
Dam: LDF Capuccino
Sire: DLP Super Hero
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Miniature Cow Info & Breeders
Miniature Zebus and Miniature Fluffies
Miniature  Zebu Cows 
Registered IMZA

Mini  Zebu cows (Zebu and mini cross's) - Our little zebus have been very popular at our petting zoo because they are tiny, super friendly,  gentle, and just plain adorable... Most visitors have never seen a cow so small or cute!  We started getting asked all the time if we would sell ours!  We do have a couple calves that are available for sale each year. Ours came from one of the best bloodlines. 
Our Cows
Our Bulls
Miniature Fluffy Cows 
Rare Polled and Fluffy coats

Mini  Fluffy cows (Mini Belted Galloway and Mini Scottish Highlander Cross) - Our fluffy cows are the cutest cows with their fluffy coats. They stay small and are naturally hornless. We currently have a Belted Galloway Bull that we are breeding to a Highlander cow and have gotten some very sharp looking calves. Some have been black and white while others have been chocolate and even reddish and white. We bottle raise most of our so the tend to be very friendly.  
Our Cows:
Our Bull
Pictures Coming Soon

Paradise Valley Abileen 
DOB: January 26, 2011
Dam: LDF Alda
Sire: Paradise Valley Thistle
Bogle Farms Bambi 
DOB: April 27, 2013
Dam: Norwalk's Sissy Moody
Sire: Kokomo's Low Boy
Paradise Valley Daphne
DOB: June 29, 2015
Dam: LDF Alda
Sire: Starland's Jack Sparrow
Paradise Valley Velma
DOB: August 17, 2015
Dam: Paradise Valley Abileen
Sire: Starland's Jack Sparrow
Our JR Cows
Starland's Jack Sparrow
DOB: May 12, 2010
Dam: Starland's Maggie
Sire: Starland's Blade Runner
Paradise Valley Will Turner
DOB: April 1, 2013
Dam: LDF Alda
Sire: Starland's Jack Sparrow
Reference Bulls
Paradise Valley Thistle
DLP Super Hero
DOB: 2003
Dam: UNK
Sire: UNK
Maggie Moo
DOB: August 1, 2013
Dam: Esau
Sire: Judea
DOB: April 1, 2010
Dam: Buttercup
Sire: Judea
DOB: April 1, 2008
Dam: T & N Acres
Sire: T & N Acres
Pictures Coming Soon
Pictures Coming Soon
Pictures Coming Soon

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