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Adult Goats For Sale - Click Here
Kid Goats For Sale - Click Here

Nigerian Dwarf Goats  
lots of spots, color and blue eyes
Mini Nubians
these are the best milkers.  Color and cuteness to boot!
    Miniature Silky Fainters
unique breed, with great coats
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Adult Sheep For Sale - Click Here
Lambs For Sale - Click Here

flashy patterns, spots, and colors
very rare breed, flashy black and white, some blue eyes
 solid white, classic miniature sheep, naturally hornless
Other Livestock
Blue eyes, paints, appys, and friendly!
Mini Zebu and Mini Fluffy Cows
Great & Tiny bloodlines. Beautiful coats & coloring.
Alpacas and Llamas
Easy Keepers, friendly and great fiber!
Miniature Donkeys
Spotted, greys, chocolates, small and friendly!
Miniature Piglets
Blue eyes, pintos, spots, and great personalities!
Great Pyrenees Puppies
Farm raised, friendly, AKC, and great bloodlines!
Bassett Hound Puppies
Long ears, super friendly, AKC, and well socialized!
Miniature and Flemish Giants!
Exotic Pets
Variety of colors and very friendly!
Sugar Gliders
USDA Licensed. Great bloodlines & nice coloring. 
Super cute & friendly. Not legal to own in GA.
Cavies, Wallabies, Etc**
Bottle fed & friendly. Not legal to own in GA.
Homeing Pigeons
Whites, Spotted and Greys!
Fantail Pigeons
White, gentle & easy to care for.
Variet of Chickens. Silky & mix breeds
Variety of Ducks, all farm friendly!


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Wallabies, Patagonian Cavies, Porcupines, Reptiles, Other zoo surplusEmail for availability
** these animals are not sold without proper permits, paperwork.  All of our animals are sold to good homes only.  We reserve the right to reject a sale if we are concerned about the animals health and welfare in its new home.   Exotics are not pets for everyone- in fact they are not good pets for most ..BUT if you are willing to take the time, effort,  dedication,  learn, read and invest then you may be the perfect home.   Most of our exotics are sold to other quality zoos and educational facilities but I also acknowledge that it is private individuals that can help make a difference in conservation, education and are capable and helpful in providing new gene pools,  breeding facilities and are a vital aspect in education.