Our Pyrenees puppies are the best of both worlds. If you have been out to visit our zoo then you have likely had the opportunity to me our super friendly adults Angel, Zippy, and Phoebe. Our farm dogs are very friendly with people but also know their job and are raised with the goats, sheep, alpacas, and other livestock. They are very good livestock guardians and friendly with people, which we have found to be a difficult combination to find. This is why we have worked so hard at socializing our dogs to be both working dogs and pets. You won't be disappointed.
Our Basset hounds are just simply adorable with their long ears, short legs and incredible markings. These puppies will be raised around children and animals, giving them the ability to get along great with all kinds of pets. Our females are Sophie, who helped train our wolf pups to be gentle and Bubbles, who resides with our Gibbon and is the best companion animal for her. Then our handsome stud is Beetle and he has been both a companion to our gibbon and a playmate for our wolves.
Paradise Valley Zipporah (aka Zippy)
Paradise Valley Roger Rabbit
Almost Paradise Sophie
Almost Paradise Bubbles
Meet our Great Pyrenees Breeders
Paradise Valley Phoebe
Meet our Basset Hound Breeders
Almost Paradise Beetle
Click here to learn more about our North Georgia Zoo Basset Hound Companion Animal Program.


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Mom: Phoebe
Dad: Roger
DOB: 2/11/16
Ready to Go: 4/7/16

Female #1
Phoenix Red
Female #2
Pattie Pink

Male #1
Patrick Blue

Male #2
Pedro Black

Male #3
Perry Green
None currently available