Paradise Valley Exotic Pets
African Pygmy Hedgehogs
We are a USDA licensed zoo facility. This is the reason we are allowed to raise these in GA. Hedgehogs are not legal as pets in Ga, but we can sale to residents of other states. These are a very cute and unique pet and they come from great bloodlines. We raise pintos, salt and peppers, apricots, cinnicots and even snowflakes. Our Hedgehogs are pedigreed.  
Sugar Gliders
Sugar Gliders are a newly legalized pet in GA and are great pets for those who have the time to devote to them. We raise standards, mosaics, leusistics, pieds, and white cheeks. We strive to raise friendly, socialable, and healthy gliders. If you are looking for a unique pet  that can create a lifelong bond then a Sugar Glider may be the perfect pet for you.
Chinchillas are considered the softest animals in the world and make for a very unique pet. We have grays, mosaic, white, and other colors. These guys are a unique pet and they enjoy climbing and rolling in dust to keep their fur super soft.
Patagonian Cavies
Cavies are a large rodent from South America and are known for their jumping and digging abilities. These guys are not legal as pets in Georgia but they could make a good pet, educational, or even a zoo display animal.

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