Miniature Pigs
Colorful, Spotted, Blue Eyes
Truly small, super smart, great personalities
Socialized and handled as babies      
Call 706.348.7279 or email 
with any questions your may have.

Mini Cows 
Zebu Cows and Mini Fluffies 
Zebu: Small size, beautiful coloration such as reds and spots  
Mini Fluffies: (Mini Scottish Highlander / Mini Belted Galloway Cross)
Small for those breeds, fluffy, great personalities
 Ponies and Miniature Donkeys
Our ponies and Miniature Donkeys are colorful and very friendly. Socialized and trained from a young age: halter / lead trained. 
We specialize in spotted donkeys and paint ponies. 
For more information on Wildlife Wonders bringing the zoo to you or learning about our petting zoos, birthday parties, exotic animal displays, church events, school events, and here!
Miniature Sheep
Harlequin, Shetland, Cheviot, and "Shetliot" 
Lightweight, tiny, wonderful fleece, and lots of color! 
Perfect homesteading sheep!
Miniature Goats
Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubian, and Silky Fainting Goats
Flashy patterns, moon spots, and blue eyes!
We specialize in small, friendly goats!
Bottle babies available!  
North Georgia Zoo & Petting Farm

Bring your family for a fun time at the petting zoo or join us for a Wildlife Walk to see a variety of exotic animals!  

Located in Cleveland GA.
 For information, hours, and directions...Click Here!
 Alpacas and Llamas
Easy keepers, easy on the ground, and hardy animals. 
Gentle with people and come in variety of colors.
 Raised with a variety of livestock - great livestock guardians!
A Little About Paradise Valley Farm
Paradise Valley Farm has been breeding miniature livestock for over 20 years. We are well known for our friendly, colorful animals. Some animals that we breed include mini pigs, goats & sheep, puppies, and large hoof stock (ponies, cows, alpacas, etc). Our animals are raised in a petting zoo that is open to the public so they are socialized from a young age. We also travel our animals to schools, churches, festivals, and birthday parties so they have a lot of human exposure to make them friendly and lovable. All animals at our farm are up to date on all shots and deworming before going to their forever home.

A Little About Paradise Critters
 Paradise Valley Farm also specializes in small, exotic pets including sugar gliders, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and Patagonian Cavies. These animals are unique and make wonderful beginner exotic pets. Our babies are handled and socialized from a young age to help them get ready for their forever home. Our exotic pets serve as animal ambassadors on our Outreach Programs and Animal Encounters to educate the public. 

Be Prepared For Your New Pet!
Always do your research to ensure that the animal you're interested in is a good fit for you! We want our animals to find wonderful forever homes, but we also want that forever home to be ready for their new family member to come home. We have care sheets for all of our animals so that you can learn about how our facility cares for our animals. Please contact us and ask us your questions! We want you to be ready for your new pet, just like we want your new pet to be ready for you. When you come to pick up an animal at an appointment, you must provide a means of transportation to get your new pet back home. We are not responsible for providing crates, carriers, or pouches for your pet to go home with.
Chinchillas and Cavies
Chinchillas are the softest animals in the world and make great beginner exotic pets. We have grays, mosaic, white. Cavies are very friendly and sociable animals. They make great beginner exotic pets. However they are not legal as pets in GA. You must have a license to purchase these.
 Sugar Gliders
We are a USDA licensed facility. Sugar Gliders are a newly legalized pet in GA and are great pets for those who have the time to devote to them. We raise standards, mosaics, leucistics, and white cheeks. 
We are a USDA licensed facility. Hedgehogs are very cute and make unique pets! We raise pintos, salt & peppers, cinnicots, and more!
Hedgehogs are not legal as pets in Ga, but can be sold to residents of other states.
Rabbits & Bunnies
We raise Flemish Giants as pets. These wonderful rabbits are known as "Gentle Giants" and can get up to 20 pounds when full grown. We also have mini rex, holland lops, and lionhead rabbits around Easter.
Great Pyrenees & Basset Hound Puppies
Our pups are pure bred Basset Hound and Great Pyrenees. All pups are AKC elligible. Our Great Pyrenees are great livestock dogs and also great with people. Our Basset Hounds are raised around a variety of animals and make wonderful family pets or animal companions!


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