Get to Know Our Gliders:   
Paradise Valley Farm is a small scale, USDA licensed breeder, located in Cleveland, GA. Sugar Gliders from Paradise Valley Farm come from friendly, healthy bloodlines. We typically have joeys born once or twice a month. Once the gliders are fully furred and riding on mom's back, we will begin handling them to help socialize them in preparation for going to their forever home. 

Sugar Glider Registration:
Gliders can be registered and all registration and pedigree information can be seen by visiting the Online Pedigree Program of The Pet Glider registry website. 

Meet Our Breeders:
Our parent gliders come in a variety of colors and produce gorgeous babies! To view out Breeding Gliders, please Click Here.

Interested in Purchasing a Glider?
For more information about our Purchasing Policy and to place a Deposit on a glider, please Click Here.
Cremeino Male #1
OOP: November 2014
Ready to Go: 1.30.15
This glider came from another reputable breeder - a breeder that we have purchased some of our breeding gliders from. This joey was not born at our facility, but carries the same great bloodlines!

We require a $75 non-refundable deposit to hold a sugar-glider.

                                       Males                        Females                        Description of Color
Standard Grey:     $250 - $350                       $275 - $375                          Dark grey, with black markings       
White Face:              $275 - $375                       $300 - $400                    Standard coloration with white cheeks
Mosaics:                   $325 - $800                     $500 - $800                     Varies in color, broken black line on back
Platinum:               $400 - $800                     $450 - $850                     White with light shade of grey down back 
Leucistics:              $400 - $800                     $450 - $800                                             Solid white

Available Sugar Gliders
Available Caramels
Larger than your average sugar gliders, these joeys have curled tails and are well known for their super calm disposition. 
Mom: Emma
Dad: Yetti
OOP: 10.15.15
Ready to Go: 12.15.15
Platinum Mosaic Female #1
Breeder: $850
Pet: $650

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Gliders for Adoption
These are gliders that are not from our lines but were pets that needed to be re homed. They have been handled and are friendly. They are looking for new forever homes! Adoption fee $200 ages are are under 4 years but exact birth date and ages are unknown.

Sweetheart Sale!
2 Glider adoptions for $250
 Help these gliders find their forever homes!
No Caramels Available at this time
Mom: Jill
Dad: Joker
OOP: 11/10/15
Ready to Go: NOW
Female #1
Pet: $275
Female #2
Pet: $275
Mom: Piper
Dad: Tarzan
OOP: 11/15/15
Ready to Go: NOW
Female #1
White Face Ring Tail
Pet: $600
Mom: Pika
Dad: Pickle
OOP: 11/15/15
Ready to Go: NOW
Female #1
Ring Neck Mosaic
Pet: $600
Male #1
White Face
Pet: $350
Mom: Marilyn
Dad: Magnum
OOP: 11/19/15
Ready to Go: NOW
Female #1
White Face
Pet: $350
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