Patagonian Cavies & Chinchillas for Sale
Paradise Valley Farm has been breeding Patagonian Cavies, also known as Patagonian Maras for over 15 years. Cavies are commonly seen in zoological facilities, but can make good pets if properly cared for. Cavies are hardy animals that can handle a variety of different temperatures and can also live indoors and outdoors. If keeping them inside, an outdoor enclosure is also recommended as they love to dig and love to run around. They are rodents, so they require enrichment and treats that they can chew on. Our Patagonian Cavies are bottle raised and socialized from the beginning to make them very friendly. 

Prices range from $300 - $400. **Cavies are not legal to own as pets in Georgia.**

Cavies are typically available in the summer - please email us for more information.
For Sale
This page was last updated on: March 11, 2016
Patagonian Cavies


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Standard Grey Female #2
DOB 9/25/2015
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Standard Grey Female #1
DOB 9/25/2015
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